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The European Institute PASHKO adopts an interdisciplinary approach in research, combining internal research expertise according to the field of research and also provides the involvement of expertise outsourcing in research projects when such thing serves to achieve our objectives a way more effective and successful. The social impact of the institute’s activities is also the fundamental criterion on which we judge the usefulness of our activity. As noted above, the main purpose and mission of the institute is to influence public policy improvement in order to build a healthier economy and society. Annual budgets for the scientific research and various public debate activities now reach almost 750 thousand euros, while in a number of international projects, the institute has doubled this amount of funding for the activities carried out. In order to accomplish this mission, the institute does not only devote its financial and human resources to the projects described above, but also enables low-income social groups or groups in need, which they have the right intellectual skills and incentives needed for talent education and development, to get the right financial support. For students of excellence and with economic inability, the institute offers the “Pashko” scholarship, including not only the coverage of tuition fees at UET, but also a financial support to cover the cost of living during the three years of the study.

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